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Career at Matrubhumi



     Profiles of Directors.

1.Mr. Samir Kumar Mathan

   Designation:  Managing Director

       Mr. Samir Kumar Mathan , the founder director , bears excellent experience  of about fifteen years in the real estate sector and has considerable knowledge in the property development, residential real estate and methods of construction. An expert in the field of marketing and sales promotion and has strong interpersonal skills and well disciplined approach to work. His keen ability provides the all encompassing vision that the company is driven by.


Message from the Managing Director’s Desk :

          At the time of inception of the company our mission was to provide exceptional homes and workplaces at a great value for money. During all these years we have received immense and amazing response from all of you. Your feedback is very much enlightening. From the very first day of our entering into this sector of business, our success stem from all of you.


         Our objective is to maximize value for the Company and persons connected with this company and we are working in the process to achieve that result  in an expeditious manner. We hope you will take part in our expedition to reach the milestone.


         Our commitment for high quality standards and customization of your needs has paid off enormously, during the past years. Not just in financial terms, but in human terms, also our big reward is still your satisfaction. Our business environment is actually the stage of our life. Our job, here is to make sure that this stage is a natural fit to you, the protagonist of your life.


        Being the leader in the real estate sector, we have a secret ingredient to our thriving business is your trust .


        Finally, Thanks to all of you for your keen preference and support during all these years.

                                                                               Samir Kumar Mathan,

                                                                                 Managing Director



2.Mr. Sailendra Kumar  Das

   Designation :  Chairman

        Mr. Sailendra Kumar Das is also the founder director of the company act as the Chairman and Director (Finance) of the company, having more than ten years experience in mining, construction and business finance. He plays a major role in the process of decision making of the company.



3.Mr. Pravat Kumar Sahoo

   Designation :  Director

         Mr. Pravat Kumar Sahoo, one of the founder directors of the company looks after public relations and personnel management. He bears eight years experience in sales promotion, marketing and project development. He also plays a key role in the activities of the company.

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